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Frequently Asked Questions.
Here are some common questions about our Small Business Websites.

I already own a domain name. Can I use it with my new website?

Yes. If you already own a domain name that you would like to use for your new website, you’ll just need to point it to our servers, where the website will be hosted.

How are RedfireWebsites Different?

We are a small business and know how small businesses operate.  We will work on all aspects of the design, build the technical stuff as this is what we do – we do this so you can go ahead and grow your business.

Everythings included in one price: hosting, domain name, design, build, launch and support are all included.  Typically you’ll have to pay for these elements separately and the cost can build up.

We setup and launch your website for you.  We consider a project complete when the website is fully populated with content, looks good and is live on the internet.  We won’t leave you in the lurch.

We do not tie you in.  If for any reason you want to move your website to another provider you are free to do so, but we will be sad to see you go.

What is the design / development process from start to finish?

We like simplicity and find that this works for us!

STEP 1 – You send us your requirements.  You provide your logo (if you have one) and complete our simple online form to tell us everything we need to know about your business

STEP 2 – We will start a draft design to match the colours and design of your logo.  If you do not have a logo – no problem we can design to your expressed requirements.

STEP 3 – You provide us with site content – a page at a time.  We will then design and send you links to your pages as they are completed.

STEP 4 – You send us final ammendments.  We tweak the site design and content to your specification.

STEP 5 – We ensure the website is working across different browsers and devices

STEP 6 – We launch the site on your chosen domain name.

What if I don't have a logo

This is not a problem for us.  We can design you a logo within your budget and use this for the site.  The advantage of using us for Logo Design is we will also provide you with some free Logo Animations from our Logo Animation Service.

How quickly can you build our website?

We can build the site inside of one week if its a priority.  Typically a site completion from initial design to completion two to three weeks with a maximum of four weeks.

How quickly can you upload content?

We try to add all content inside of 24 hours of receiving it.

Can I upload my own content?

Yes you can.  Once the site is live we hand controls over to you so you can use our editor to make changes to the text and images.  We can also help you with this.

I don't have any images what do I do?

Please don’t worry – we can provide royalty free images or show you how to find images without copyright.

Why are your prices so affordable compared to other design agencies?

We specialise in working with startups and small businesses and we’ve managed to streamline our process so much that we are quicker and more efficient with both the design and build.  We also know small businesses have to save money wherever they can.

What are the costs for hosting and support after the first year?

At the end of the first 12 months you will be sent an invoice for a further 12 months hosting / domain / support.

Hosting and domain renewal for 1 year is £120.00 for the one page and four page websites.

For the Ecommerce packages renewal is £200 per year.

What is the maintenance fee? What does it include?

The maintenance fee is a small monthly fee which includes the maintenance of your website.  (e.g. software updates – daily / weekly / monthly backups – technical support – malicious file scanning of your website etc)

It does not include things like:

Content upload and content changes

Logo design

Additional domain purchase and renewal

Editing / changing any part of the visual of the website

Functionality beyond HTML/CSS (i.e. database / javascript editing)

Additional pages

What do you charge for additional development

We will provide you a quote for all additional work before it is undertaken.  Any work that is small i.e. takes us a few minutes will not be charged.

What notice do I have to give to cancel my hosting or website

Please provide us with 30 days notice of your intention to move host and or cancel the website.  In this time we can provide you with a copy of your website and database for installation to another server.

What platform do you use?

All our websites are built on the very popular wordpress platform.

Who hosts my website?

We do!  We have a dedicated server that uses pure SSD drives for speedy page load times.  We only host our clients websites and we are NOT a dedicated hosting company so we do not stretch our hosting resources.

How do I know my website is safe and secure?

The servers that we use are ISO9001, ISO27001 and ISO14001 certified.  They are protected by the most up to date firewall using the latest blocking blacklisted IPS lists from the industry.

Should something go wrong we take backups seriously.  Our backup schedule is:

1x Times per day, 1x Times per week and 1x Times per month.

Should the site get damaged in ANY way we can restore the site from a previous backup.  This is part of the maintenance fee we charge.

Will my website work across all browsers?

Yes, your website will be cross-browser compatible meaning it will work well in the latest versions of all major browsers such as Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari and Opera.

Will my website work on mobile phones and tablets?

Yes! Your website is built using responsive design, which means it will shrink to fit whatever device it is being viewed on. This website also uses responsive design. Simply make the browser window smaller to see how the content reconfigures itself to the new shape.

Can I use Google Analytics on my website?

Yes – we recommend it.  We can help set this up for you.

Still need help? Contact Us!

Any questions answered – please ask we don’t bite.

Skype SMS darren_redfire


0044 113 815 1807

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