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Responsive Design
Pre-Built Affiliate Website

SETUP: £31.00

£5.95 Per Month
£49.51 Per Year
£25.00 Transfer Your Hosting

  • Free Domain Name
  • Hosting Available
  • 25x Themed Articles
  • Full Website Setup
  • Blog
  • Integrated Social Media
  • Amazon Store Setup
  • Mailchimp Newsletter Setup
  • Third Party Advertiser Setup
  • 1 Year Theme / Website Updates

Delivery Time: 48 Hours

Full Description Below

Features & Benefits

Ultra Responsive Mobile Friendly Design

premade affiliate websites

Mobile and Tablet already dominate the web - with our websites you can be assured that your affiliate webstie will provide a great user experience.

All our websites are 100% fluid responsive mobile friendly. Your website will look great on mobile devices and tablets and will enhance the user experience on every device on the market.

10 Themed Articles

You will receive at least 10 themed articles on your website.  These will all be related to the topic of your website

"Content Is King" is a phrase used quite a lot on the internet.  We provide you with content related to your theme on the site.

With additional content on the website this will allow the search engines to rank your site more quickly.

premade affiliate websites

Website Blog

niche affiliate website

A blog is a great way to talk to your audience.  You can literally post anything you want your readers to read and as much as you want.

Blogging is a great way to earn extra revenue.  People will come to your site to read your blog and with the advertisements and also your integrated store you can earn affiliate / advertising income.

Mailchimp Newsletter

Mailchimp is an email service that allows you to create an email subscriber list directly from the website.

With an email newsletter you can email people related information or the latest videos ect.  You can also add in recommended products complete with your affiliate links for extra revenue.

niche affiliate website

Integrated Amazon Assoicate Store

The Amazon associate affiliate scheme allows you to sell products on your website and collect commission payments direct from Amazon.

The website will stock related items to the theme of your website.  New products / categories can be added or removed.  When someone buys from Amazon via a link on your website you collect commission on everything they buy at Amazon - not just the item they click on.

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Third Party Advertisement Placement

Our websites can use any form of advertising from any advertiser on the Internet.

We will install any third party adverts for you on the site. Some popular advertisers are Clickbank.com, Google Adsense, Chitika, Media.net, Infolinks, Commission Junction, Affiliate Future etc.  We can help with all advetisers.

Website Updates

Keeping your website updated is essential for the security of your website and the content on the site.

We will install any third party adverts for you on the site. Some popular advertisers are Clickbank.com, Google Adsense, Chitika, Media.net, Infolinks, Commission Junction, Affiliate Future etc.  We can help with all advetisers.

All Themes From MyThemeShop Use Industry Leading Options Panel

All our websites use an easy to use and understand control panel to change many aspects of your website.

With the easy-to-use yet powerful options panel you can customize the website to exactly how you want it to look and feel.  It also allows you to easily add in advertisers links so you can earn revenue.

Shortcodes Included In All Websites

Allows you to display big call to action buttons inside your articles using simple [shortcodes].  Beginner friendly shortcode options on all our websites.

From creating elegant buttons on the fly to contact forms or buy it now buttons.  Our enhanced shortcodes will help you customize your website or a post.

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Unlimited Colour Options

Changing colours on our affiliate websites has never been easier!  Make the website match your brand's colours without having to compromise on your colour choices.

You can change colours with just a few clicks.  Within our options control panel you can customize the colour options to go perfectly with your logo or your brand colours.

Unlimited Background Options

Our websites come with a large number of options to change your websites background images.  If you don't want to use just a colour you can use one of our many designs.

Have your own design?  No problem you can upload your own custom made background image to truly customize the look of your website.  From using a single colour to having a background image - all are possible with our websites.

In-Built Advertising Management

We have collectively over 30 years experience as bloggers and know exactly where adverts should be placed on your website.

We provide a built-in option to manage your Adverts for the best CTR (click through ratio) and highest earnings.  You do not need any additional plugins - our websites will do it for you.

Easily Select From Any Of The 600+ Google Fonts To Use On The Website

Over 600 fonts should be more then enough to select from.  Your text should have excellent readability regardless of who your target audience is.

From normal fonts such as Times New Roman to mre decorative fonts.  We have made sure you have all the fonts you would need to make your website truly your own.

Our Websites Are Compatible With All Major Browsers

Our websites are stable on all major browsers and platforms.  You do not have to worry about your website not being visable on a certain website browser.

Be aware that the latest effects on Chrome will not work on the majority of other website browsers such as hover effects etc.  This will make your website look ugly.  We make sure that does not happen with our websites - any effects used in our sites have full support across all major browsers.

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Easy-To-Use Bulit In Social Sharing Buttons

No need to use any social sharing plugins which slow your website down.  Our sites come with build in social media sharing buttons.

Your articles rest assured will be getting the social media they rightly deserve.  Our websites all have social media integration within the coding of the website.

All Our Websites Are Mobile Friendly

Mobile has already surpassed desktop users and this trend is only growing year by year.

Our websites are built to work on mobile devices such as mobile phones and tablets, whilst at the same time we ensure the usabiltiy is not compromised.

Contact Forms Included On All Websites

All our websites come with a secure contact form to gather leads on your website.

Our contact forms are light weight and use very little code.  These contact forms use very little resources which means the website will load quicker.

Our Websites Use The Latest HTML5 And CSS3 Markup

Our websites are built in accordance with the latest HTML5 and CSS3 markup standards

This ensures your website has the best search engine visibility and it takes advantage of the latest browser / plugin technologies available.  This gives your website the most flexibility when it comes to design and development.

All Our Websites Have Fast Load Times

"Nobody wants to look back and wish they had spent more time waiting for a website to load" - Jeff Bezos Amazon CEO

Slow loading websites loose customers - thats a fact.  Amazon loses 1 percent of customers for every extra 0.1 seconds it takes their website to load.

Other Features And Benefits


Lightweight Code

To ensure our websites load blazing fast, we take measures at the code level.  If someting is not required it is not added.  Our websites carry no bloatware and the code that is on the website is compressed for maximum speed performance.

Clean Code

The code is clean which allows a developer in the future to easily add code into the site if you wanted to develop the website in some way.

SEO Friendly

Clean code allows search engine robots to easily and quickly read the website.  This inturn increases your search engine rankings.

Optimized Plugins

The plugins used on the website are optimized for fast loading and more pageviews.  A lower bounce rate means higher search engine rankings which means more revenue for your website.


User Friendly

With an easy to use menu system and fast loading pages our websites are easy to use for your customers.

Logo And Favicon Uploads

You do not need to know any coding in order to upload your logo and favicon image.  Both can be done easily from the control panel. Its as easy as clicking a few buttons


Translation Ready

You do not need an extra plugin to translate the website.  Our websites come with a tranlation panel built into the website to translate the content for you.


Reduced Bounce Rate

Our websites come with a related posts section / popular posts section and category posts.  Users will be able to find any related or popular content easily on your website.

Gain Better Rankings

Fast loading websites perform better in ranking tests and this means higher search engine ranking placements for your website. Slower loading sites have higher bounce rates (people pressing the back button) and the search engines do not like this.


Increase Pageviews

Our websites come with a related posts section / popular posts section and category posts.  Users will be able to find any related or popular content easily on your website.


shopping cart

With Our Addon You Can:

  • Add unlimited products

  • Get paid direct (via paypal or many other types of payment processor)

  • List items with multiple pictures and information

  • Inbuilt customer review section for customers to leave reviews

  • Short and long product description profiles + related products

  • Make offers and coupon codes

  • Dropshipping

These are just some of the available options for your own shopping cart.


We take our hosting seriously.  Our server only hosts client websites from us.  Thats why our websites load times are FAST.

We have 3x hosting options available:

1- Yearly Hosting £49.51 (or $71.97) per year

2- Monthly Hosting £5.49 (or $7.97) per month

3- Transfer website to your hosting - one off fee of £25.00 (or $37.50)


q-icon  How Much Is It?

The price for the site is displayed at the top.  Occasionally we have offers on site and also coupon codes that offer discounts.  These can be received via our newsletter.

q-icon  Are There Any Extra Fees?

All fees are upfront.  We have addons you can purchase - again the fees are on full display.  There are no hidden costs.

q-icon  Do I Own The Website?

Yes you are 100% the owner of the website.  The domain name (if purchased through us) is in your name and registered solely to you.  The content on the website belongs to you.

q-icon  Can I Move Hosting?

We can setup the website on your hosting account.  We do charge a very modest website transfer fee. We cannot offer updates on your hosting as we do not have year round access to this.

q-icon  I Already Have A Domain Name Can I Use This?

Yes you can use your own domain name.  We will ask you to repoint the nameservers to our hosting.  If you are unsure how to do this we will help.

q-icon  Do You Offer Support?

Yes we offer support for the website as long as it is hosted by us.  Part of the hosting fee covers support.  Please note additions to the website and / or template changes may incur a fee depending on how much time will be needed.

q-icon   Do I Have To Have Experience With Websites?

No we do all the technical parts of the website such as setup / installing your affiliate codes and any extra adverts you want adding into the site.  Your job is to drive traffic to the website - we have tutorial videos on how to do this.

q-icon   Can I Sell My Own Products

Yes you can - we can add an E-Commerce module that allows you to add unlimited products and get paid direct to you.

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