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q-icon  How Much Is It?

Please click on the “buy now” buttons to be taken to our latest pricing pages.  From time to time we have special offers – to be informed about these please signup to our newsletter

q-icon  Are There Any Extra Fees?

All fees are upfront.  We have addons you can purchase – again the fees are on full display.  There are no hidden costs.

q-icon  What Platform Does The Website Use?

All our websites are built using the WordPress Platform.  All themes that we use come from mythemeshop.com and are fully paid themes which will update as long as you are hosting with us.

q-icon  Do I Own The Website?

Yes you are 100% the owner of the website.  The domain name (if purchased through us) is in your name and registered solely to you.  The content on the website belongs to you.

q-icon  Can I Move Hosting / Install On My Hosting Straight Away?

We can transfer the website onto your hosting.  There is a small fee for doing this.

q-icon  Do You Offer Help With Website Promotion?

You will have access to our Youtube channel with videos on how to promote your website.  We also have a knowledgebase and wordpress tutorial videso for you to access.

q-icon  What About SEO And Meta Tags?  Can These Be Added?

Yes you can add of of this via the website control panel for individual posts and pages.  This is used to rank your website pages better in the search engines.

q-icon  How Do I Get Paid On My Website?

You get paid from Amazon associates and Google Adsense (and any other affiliates you may of added) direct to you.  We do NOT take any commission from your earnings on your website.  You own 100% of the website and 100% of the income earned from the website.

q-icon  How Much Is Your Hosting?

Our hosting has 2x options.  Option 1 is monthly hosting at £5.49 per month.  Option 2 is yearly at £49.51 per year.  We only host our websites on our hosting.

q-icon  I Already Have A Domain Name Can I Use This?

Yes you can use your own domain name.  We will ask you to repoint the nameservers to our hosting.  If you are unsure how to do this we will help.

q-icon  Do You Offer Support?

Yes we offer support for the website as long as it is hosted by us.  Part of the hosting fee covers support.  Please note additions to the website and / or template changes may incur a fee depending on how much time will be needed.

q-icon   Do I Have To Have Experience With Websites?

No we do all the technical parts of the website such as setup / installing your affiliate codes and any extra adverts you want adding into the site.  Your job is to drive traffic to the website – we have tutorial videos on how to do this.

q-icon   Can I Sell My Own Products

Yes you can – we can add an E-Commerce module that allows you to add unlimited products and get paid direct to you.

q-icon  How Long Does It Take To Get The Website?

We will aim to have the website online inside of 24 / 48 hours.  After this it depends on how quick you get the affiliate details back to us (we will help if needed).

q-icon  Can You Create Content For Me?

Your website comes complete with 25 related articles for content to drive traffic to your website.  We can add to this if you want more content.

q-icon  Are There Any Contracts Involved?

We do not use contracts.  You can leave our service at any time with no risk of financial penalties or contractual obligations.


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