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Better Marketing Videos

I’m going to show you 10 tips for making your videos even better videos that engage your audience and compel them to stay to the end and leave them on the edge of their seats begging for more that’s right more of you so here’s my suggestion listen to all 10 tips and choose just three that you can implement right after reading this.

Raising Tip Number 1

Get right to the point now it’s not the YouTube viewers have a TD or anything but they do get a little impatient when watching your videos so if you’re creating video that shares content that people are actually searching for don’t bury it 6 minutes into the video get to the point fast give that gold right up front bar

Raising Tip Number 2

Script it out most people can’t wing it and still make a great video so why are you trying take the 30 minutes to sit down and write a script so your video is short and succinct long and rambling bar

Raising Tip Number 3

Storytelling now the best way to teach is to a story whether it’s one of yours or one of your customers and if you want to engage your audience and keep them on the edge of their seats start it out with a little (OUAT) once upon a time bar

Raising Tip Number 4

Better content if I’m searching for a topic like how to build muscle or how to train a dog or sell my house or where lady gaga makeup don’t sell me short it’s time to level up on your content share freely give the people what they want and demonstrate it in a way that they actually get it use visual statistics and real-life examples to make your content better than your competitors bar

Raising Tip Number 5

Add some b-roll okay so while you’re sitting here watching me talk it might get a little boring I totally get that so every few seconds I try and do something to spruce it up with a shot change a sound effect some music or even some b-roll so b-roll is any secondary footage that you can add to your video to comp whatever it is you’re talking about and for this example I couldn’t really think of any ideas so I just thought this would be cool bar

Raising Tip Number 6

Add some music some people don’t use music at all others will make videos with the wrong music but I’ll tell you right now choosing that right perfect song can make or break your entire video sites like audiojungle.net premium beat calm and even YouTube’s own audio library will help you with tons of royalty-free music that you can use in your next set of videos bar

Raising Tip Number 7

Blurry backgrounds not blurry blurry not blurry blurry if you’re looking to take your videos to the next level it’s time to get your blur on okay this is actually called depth of field and to get the real effect you’re going to need to upgrade to a DSLR camera with the right type of lens it makes for a bit more work but check out how cool it looks bar

Raising Tip Number 8

Light it up now lighting 101 is to just crank up your scene with whatever light you have just so we can see your face but once you’ve done that you can begin to play with your lighting to create a more dynamic and professional shot using highlights on your face or darkening your background a bit you can drastically increase the look and the mood of your videos and there’s more than enough lighting tutorials on YouTube if you want to venture down this path to learn more bar

Raising Tip Number 9

Get a pro if you have the desire and the budget to make even better videos well perhaps it’s time that you hire a professional videographer and you can easily find a talented freelancer on a site like Craigslist for twenty to forty dollars an hour they’ll know exactly what to do to make your videos look incredible so you can focus on being the superstar on camera bar

Raising Tip Number 10

Emulate others one of the best things that I ever did especially when I got started on YouTube was I started to search for other YouTube channels I could be inspired by I watched as many of their videos and dissected what it was that they were doing right I looked at they’re shooting an editing style their creative writing ideas and other cool tricks that they were doing in all their videos can you do the same find a few channels that you can emulate and see how you can incorporate what they’re doing in your next video now I don’t know about you but I’m always trying to raise the bar for what I put out there into the world shouldn’t you be doing the same shouldn’t you always strive for better and bigger results if not what forget it just use your iPhone cut hey James one more here and in this video so I’m not going to be looking at the camera in this one either bar

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